Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas from Singapore

Unlike last year, when we ran away from Singapore to Thailand for Christmas and did almost nothing traditional, this year I went a little overboard. I decided that if I was going to stay, I wanted to make it feel as much like the Christmas celebrations from

my and joe's childhood. As a result, the day after Thanksgiving I was up and running with decorations. Fake tree - eep - check. Decorations, garland, stockings, check, check, check.

But this wasn't quite enough for me. Part of what both Joe and I have always cherished about our holiday memories is the large gatherings of family and friends. We don't exactly have the space for a Dillon gathering, but we managed to scrounge up some good friends at loose ends for a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner of ham and pork tenderloin. Mmmmm. This was toasted with tasty beverages, funny stories and a Christmas movie before bed.

The next morning we had a stocking exchange with our few friends who were in Singapore without family this year. Mark and Joe each got turbo charged Nerf guns with extra clips and bandoliers, so the girls were trying to hide from the boys back and forth target practice.

Then it was off to Raffles hotel for champagne brunch. The spread of food was incredibly impressive. In addition to the oyster bar, I enjoyed the Maine lobster and Australian prime rib. It totally cracks me up when you see a buffet that must tell you not only the origin of the food, but the specific animal. Sheep cheese anyone?

Then, it was off for a quick hello at Joe's company party, and back to our guests. We couldn't talk Kristin out of the movie, so Kelly, Mark, Joe and I had to hang out in the pool by ourselves. It is still very strange to not have any cold weather, but I can't argue with Christmas Day pool. The evening was topped off with a couple lovely conversations with family back home, who we were missing dearly. Luckily, the Dillons were able to fix their camera, so Joe got to see his family and disaster was narrowly averted. We both wish we were home. It gets lonely out here, and we miss having all the family gathered in one place, but thankfully we have some wonderful friends that are helping us make new memories here. Much love from Singapore, Joe and Shelby.